October 09, 2010

Australian Eyes

Long Gone Loser from Australia says he gets a FORBIDDEN screen when he tries to access this blog. I've heard that OZ is censorship-happy these days. Is the Australian government blocking this blog, for some reason?

If anyone in Australia can read this, can you let me know? I don't know of any other way to answer that question. Maybe it's just something weird with Long Gone Loser's particular set-up.

Censorship is bad, and I'm against it, but if doktorfrank.com is being blocked, it does make me feel kind of important. Wikipedia's entry on Australian internet censorship seems to suggest that websites outside of OZ get blacklisted when they're complained about. Is that what happened? And if so, by whom? Is this why my books haven't made the Australian best seller lists (if they haven't?) These are burning questions.

Or maybe they just group-block all foreign sites, and they have to be cleared one by one before Australians are allowed to see them? That makes me feel less special, but also less persecuted. That is one delicate balance, my friends.

Anyway, all possible caveats about wikipedia's accuracy considered, if this is even mostly accurate, Australia's censorship situation is even worse than I'd thought.

Anyone who knows, let me know about the knowledge and I'll pass it on to Long Gone Loser.

UPDATE: I've heard from the Careless Navigator (incidentally one of the best Tiki-oriented sites you'll ever see) and he says he can load it fine from his OZ. So it must be Long Gone Loser's specific set-up after all, and I can go back to feeling unpersecuted and unspecial. Hello, old friends.

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