December 13, 2010

I'll Sign Pretty Much Anything

akpbsm.jpgThe Andromeda Klein paperback releases officially tomorrow (Tuesday, December 14.)

I've been getting quite a few requests for signed books and records and such lately, probably owing to it being the Toys 'r' Us time of year, so I figured I might as well lay it out clearly here so I don't have to type it out every time. My "order stuff" sidebar has been a mess lately, so I've tried to fix it up, and this post is in aid of that general project.

Basically, the deal is: I'll sign pretty much anything that can be mailed. So buy a book (or record or what have you) from a store or on line and send it to me with along with a stamped, self-addressed mailer and any instructions for the inscription, and drop me a line when you do so I know to look for it. The address is: P. O. Box 12093, Berkeley, CA, 94712. Feel free to email me at if you have any questions.

The books are available from all the usual places where you'd expect to find them. Because people are so nice, they often ask me which venue or site would do me the most good if they order from it, and the answer is that all venues are equally good in that sense. But if you really want to help me or any other author out, buy new rather than used copies. (It is really surprising how often I hear from people who are under the impression that authors get paid for sales of used books or records. There's nothing at all wrong with buying used stuff of course, but the fact is, we don't, so if you're serious about wanting to be a one-person charity for wayward content-providers, that's always a good way to begin.)

Anyway, the in-print options are currently:

Andromeda Klein hardcover
Amazon :: Barnes & Noble :: Indiebound

Andromeda Klein paperback
Amazon :: Barnes & Noble :: Indiebound

Andromeda Klein for Amazon Kindle

Andromeda Klein audiobook:
Amazon :: Barnes & Noble :: Indiebound

Andromeda Klein 7":
vinyl :: iTunes. (or email me, as I have some vinyl copies as well.)

King Dork paperback
Amazon :: Barnes & Noble :: Indiebound

King Dork for Amazon Kindle

King Dork audiobook:
Amazon :: Barnes & Noble :: Indiebound

As far as I'm aware Interpunk is still the official sales hub for the Lookout Records titles that are still in print. A lot of them are also available on Amazon. And most of it is on iTunes, too. There are mp3s of a handful of songs from the records (as well as all the acoustic King Dork songs) on my website, if you want samples, as well as links to some of the records still available. (And all the ordering links in this post are now on this page as well. I tried to get rid of the bad or obsolete links, but I'm sure some slipped by me, so if you happen on any, let me know.)

I think that's about it then.

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I love you

Posted by: Baby at January 25, 2011 01:37 AM

I live in Oakland, can I just buy you a beer or wheat grass shot, after all you live in Berkeley, so you can sign my book?
When I got mine at Pegasus they ran out of signed copies.

Best, Luis.

Posted by: Luis Baltazar at April 16, 2011 09:15 AM