April 15, 2011

In Which Our Hero Leaves the House for the First Time in Like Forever

I kid you not. I mean, this is no dream, this is really happening.

I'm going to be a guest at Jane Ganahl's "Authors on Writing" workshop at the Grotto in San Francisco on Thursday April 21. The topic is YA fiction, and it'll be an interview with me, followed by Qs and As from the class and me, respectively.

People who aren't enrolled in the class can go, though it'll cost you $50. If you do have fifty spare dollars that you'd like to spend on wine, appetizers, and an a hour and a half's worth of my own pearls of wisdom and wry anecdotes, you can contact Jane at jganahl@pacbell.net.

San Francisco Writers' Grotto, 490 2nd Street, 2nd Fl., San Francisco, CA 94107, Thursday, April 21, 7:00 - 8:30 PM.

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