June 02, 2011

Fumeux Fume par Fumée

I know from experience that this sound can clear a room pretty quickly, so brace yourself before pressing play. I find it does mysterious, pleasantly uncomfortable things to my brain.

That recording of one of the most famous songs from the 14th Century Chantilly Codex can be found on this rather good "ars subtilior" compilation, though I prefer the approach taken by the Ensemble PAN on this amazing recording -- if, like me, you're in it for the otherworldliness, they're your man.

Listening to this music has always put me in a strange, disoriented mood, but these days it mostly just sends me back into that Andromeda Klein state of mind. (Led Zeppelin does that too.)

And speaking of Ensemble PAN and Andromeda, her character took most of its shape under the influence of this recording. And Led Zeppelin.

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