June 04, 2011

Onanism: self-pollution


These materials were found in an old (ca. 1948) copy of A E Waite's translation of Eliphas Levi's History of Magic.

The previous owner had made a few slightly cantakerous notes in an almost preternaturally neat, careful hand upon Waite's preface and Levi's introduction, though no further in the text than that. Pictured is a cardstock bookmark with the beginnings of a self-penned glossary in the same hand, as well as a couple of mimeographed forms for applying for holiday leave from wherever this guy used to work.

I like to imagine that the eldritch horror of that introduction was too much for him and he had to break off from his annotating and take a rest cure to restore his sanity points. In fact, I think that's definitely what probably happened.

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Reminds me of this in the Onion: http://www.theonion.com/articles/highlighting-in-used-copy-of-platos-republic-stops,9199/

Posted by: Cpt. at June 4, 2011 07:37 PM