June 07, 2011

Shout it Out Loud


An entire hour of nothing but Paul Stanley's song intros one after the other is way more enjoyable than you might think.

(via metafilter.)

Added: I am astonished at the anti-KISS-ism in the metafilter comments. (Or should that term be "KISSism"?) What has happened to the nation's hipster-geeks? Or have I pegged the metafilter "community" wrong and they're not hipster-geeks at all?

Posted by Dr. Frank at June 7, 2011 03:48 PM | TrackBack

I'm with you on the 'astonished' thing. I've never understood people who don't enjoy KISS. It makes it kinda hard for me to trust their judgement on other things, mainly 'what is fun' and 'how to have a good time'.

Posted by: Mike NYC at June 8, 2011 05:46 PM

I'd go to one of their shows. But I've tried to listen to the old albums I liked back when I was 13 and hadn't heard The Ramones yet. It's not even ironically enjoyable. They really are a terrible band. They went from being Foghat in Geisha makeup to a living cartoon, writing hacky songs about their characters.
They need a theme song, like The Monkees.
Of course, the Monkees were cool... :)

Posted by: Stig at July 12, 2011 06:13 PM
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