November 16, 2011

Em7 or something

As I mentioned, I'm doing a solo set at Scott Miller's book release party on December 4th at the Starry Plough, and my old bandmate Aaron's current band the Bye Bye Blackbirds is going to be the backup group on a couple of songs that I'd always wanted to do "electric" but never had the chance.

We got together last night to run through them a few times just to make sure it could, or should, be done. (Verdict: it can. Whether it should is more a philosophical question I guess.) Anyway, they took it seriously enough to write out charts:


Which was good because I don't know the names for half the chords I play. They did, though. It turns out the chord I used to think of as "the funny diagonal one" is actually, technically, called a diminished whatchamacallit. Who knew?

Anyway, those guys are great musicians and the whole thing was pretty fun.

(And don't forget, I'm also playing at 1-2-3-4 Go Records in Oakland on Friday November 18th with Kepi and Jesse Michaels's band Passage Walkers. Yeah, double me. Details for both are here.)

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