November 08, 2011

Forgotten but Not Gone

Jeffen over at the Music Ruined My Life blog has been strolling through the Forgotten Rebels' discography. (Start here and scroll down.)

I pretty much stopped paying attention to them after This Ain't Hollywood and hadn't realized they'd had so many releases since then. The "big drums" 80s production of some of the later records is, as always, a serious barrier to enjoyment for me, much more than the hair metal affectations; but buried under all that gated reverb and hair are some terrific songs. I'm glad I didn't listen to any of this stuff at the time, as I'm quite sure I never would have given it a fair hearing and the prejudice against it would have probably prevented me from sampling it now.

Also, I note that this band is apparently incapable of releasing a record that doesn't include some version of "Surfin' on Heroin." Which is fair enough.

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