February 09, 2012

Driving While Diabetic

All the officers in this video, including the one who kicked the man in diabetic shock in the face six times while yelling "stop resisting motherfucker" are still on the streets looking for more people to beat up:

ADDED: Digby posts links to several other cases of police-on-diabetic violence, including this classic "don't call 911" scenario:

Lassi's roommate found the man on the floor of his apartment having a seizure and foaming at the mouth, according to the statement filed with the court. The roommate called 911 for help, and police officers from the Brookfield and LaGrange Park police departments arrived to help with the situation.

As police officers were helping the paramedics move Lassi to an ambulance, Lassi -- still in the midst of the seizure and described as "unresponsive" -- involuntarily smacked one of the officers with his arm.

"Reacting to Mr. Lassi’s involuntary movement, one or more of the [officers] pushed Mr. Lassi to the ground, forcibly restraining him there," the complaint states. "[LaGrange Park Officer Darren] Pedota then withdrew his Taser, an electroshock weapon that uses electrical current to disrupt a person’s control over his muscles, and electrocuted Mr. Lassi eleven times.

The post doesn't say so, but it is extremely likely that the officer who Tased this guy eleven times while "helping" paramedics move him to the ambulance in the midst of a seizure is still on the job. In other words, if you dial 911 in the Chicago suburbs, this is the guy who might show up.

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