February 10, 2012

Heavy Meta

I think this is the first time this has been done to anything I've ever done:


The song is here, though I guess you have to buy it to hear "Ayn," and maybe I will.

Posted by Dr. Frank at February 10, 2012 08:22 PM | TrackBack

I didn't have to buy it to hear it, but I might buy it anyway, because I liked it. Liked "people or power" too

Posted by: Mary Madigan at February 10, 2012 08:42 PM

Cute. That was a nice tune, but I wouldn't buy the album. This band has all the tell tale marks of being "political", and not "Institutionalized Misogyny" political either.

Posted by: josh at February 10, 2012 08:48 PM

If these guys had any balls at all, if they were real punks who wanted to shock people and jar them out of complacency, and made them think and see that they were brainwashed and that there are other ways to look at things, they would have made the song about how great Mrs. Palin is, unironically, or made it an acerbic and energetic attack on her attackers. Instead these guys are just more of the same old lockstep robotic, conformist pussies we have come to expect. It is a nice sounding version, I agree. But in terms of lyrics, I spit on these guys in the sacred memory of Sid Vicious, Joe Strummer and the three dead Ramones.

Posted by: Lexington Green at February 10, 2012 11:14 PM

1. This song has no backbone. The Lennon Sisters have more chops than this band.

2. In terms of subject matter and lyrics, though, I am not sure what the hell Lexington Green is talking about. When I think of Joe Strummer and Sid Vicious; Sarah Palin doesn't exactly pop into my mind. When I think "non-conformist," that nauseating wink and smirk of hers (used to raise millions of dollars from corporations for like minded nativist moonbats of her ilk running for office to police the inside of my pants) doesn't strike me as being rebellious. But whatever.

Posted by: David at February 11, 2012 12:17 AM

I'm guessing that Lexington's point is that punk should be transgressive above all else, and what could be more transgressive (within the punk community) than supporting Sarah Palin?

In any case, I didn't think "Sarah" was funny. Humor is subjective and personal, but id didn't do anything for me.

Posted by: Bill at February 11, 2012 06:07 AM

Supporting Sarah Palin is transgressive, period. Strange how people act like the corporate elite are members of the John Birch Society rather than the Ford Foundation.

Posted by: josh at February 13, 2012 01:19 PM

The Sex Pistols pointing out the bloody reality of abortion ("Bodies") and hypocrisy and complicity of the British in Communist tyranny ("Holidays in the Sun") they were transgressive from what would be, in American parlance, the political Right. You can transgress from any direction. When you it musically and with a certain attitude, it is punk. When you go along with the crowd that is all throwing stones at someone at the direction of the corporate media and you join in, you are not being punk.

Posted by: Lexington Green at February 13, 2012 10:05 PM

Lex, you're right about the transgression stuff, and there's certainly nothing transgressive about preaching, or even merely ironizing, to the choir. However, my feeling is that you don't have to have all transgression all the time. And this song is pretty gentle. I think of it as more like "Stuck in a Pagoda with Tricia Toyota" than "God Save the Queen" and I think there's room for both types.

Posted by: Dr. Frank at February 15, 2012 03:50 PM

Plus I like the Sarah, wear a pair o' rhyme.

Posted by: Dr. Frank at February 15, 2012 03:51 PM