March 09, 2012

"It’s something that Richman and Reed have been kings of doing for years…"

My buddy Chuck Prophet has a new album and it's getting some attention (and it's great -- buy one!) It's always nice when the good guys win, since it happens so rarely.

He's getting a bit of press in the UK, to judge from my twitter-stream, including this fun "fantasy band" Q&A in the Independent, and this delightfully screwy review of Temple Beautiful on the BBC's website, which is the source of this post's title.

All the praise is well-deserved, but well, let me just say: writing in the English language has been something the English used to be kings of doing. Now, it seems, not so much. And Chuck as the new incarnation of... Jonathan Richman? I guess I get it, in that they're both arguably a bit Reed-y sometimes. As for all those obscure, oh-so-American references in the lyrics (e.g. "Halloween" and "baseball") - well, who knew?

Glad to know rock journalism is alive and well somewhere at least.

Anyway, if you pick up the new album you won't be sorry. Time to add another throne next to what some Lou Reed albums are lounging on.

Posted by Dr. Frank at March 9, 2012 07:39 PM