March 29, 2012

Playing Somewhere

I ran into a guy on BART yesterday, who asked the following two questions:

"Are you Dr. Frank? Are you playing anywhere?"

This happens quite often, believe it or not, and usually the answers are "yes" and a slightly sheepish "no not really," respectively. But just as I was about to give the usual answers, I realized just in time that I actually am playing somewhere, that is, in Oakland, next week. That was close.

Not sure if that guy will show up, but whether or not he does, you can.


Playing at this thing, Wed. April 4 at the New Parish in Oakland, 579 18th St.

Advance tickets here.

Posted by Dr. Frank at March 29, 2012 09:18 PM

what is the protocol for bothering Dr. Frank on the BART? i saw you the other day at Powell St. heading towards SFO and wanted to:
a. say hello
b. tell you what a great inspiration mtx has been
c. buy you a drink (not on BART, of course)

i should have at least said hello, but you were with someone and i didn't want to interrupt.

Posted by: skid at April 14, 2012 01:25 AM

Oh, there ain't no protocol. Say hello anytime. And thanks for the kind words.

Posted by: Dr. Frank at April 19, 2012 06:37 PM