June 27, 2012

Back to the Coast

I recently regained access to a bunch of previously walled-in LPs. They're in no order whatsoever, and I don't believe they've ever been put in any kind of order, though they seem to be clumped roughly with others acquired in the same general time period (which would have been late 70s to early 80s.)

Well, the OCD kicked in a bit, and I've been aspergering them, that is, listening to them in the order they come, regardless of whether I particularly want to hear whatever it is that is in front or on top. (I mean seriously: the Toiling Midgets' Sea of Unrest LP. Listened all the way, no joke. This is how seriously committed I am to my OCD, or it is to me.) I suppose it's kind of like a primitive analog version of shuffling your iTunes, except you're not allowed to click "next." I mean, you're not allowed to click anything.

Anyway I just happened on Waiting on Egypt, the first Nikki Sudden solo album, and I realize I must have listened to it a whole lot more than I'd figured I must have. Every track, and every bit of every track, is embedded in my brain just as though it were a Who record or something: I knew most of the words (really saying something, as they are largely inaudible or obscure -- I must have spent a lot of time studying that lyric sheet way back.) And I could hear the intro of each song in my head as the previous one ended in advance of it actually starting to play. Kind of amazed at that.

There are a couple of tracks that anticipate the Johnny Thunders / Keith Richard direction he was to take shortly thereafter, but the bulk of it is pretty much exactly like a less low-fi Swell Maps record. Glad I re-discovered it, though the fact that I know it so well is perhaps arguably a pretty good indication of a misspent youth.


Posted by Dr. Frank at June 27, 2012 06:35 PM

Didn't ever hear of him till about ten years ago (though there's a ton of stuff I never heard about!) ... Kinda alright song right there!

Posted by: Rick Phillips at July 10, 2012 01:45 PM
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