June 19, 2012

Baltimore Approacheth

If "approacheth" is the term I want. I checked the weather forecast and learned it's going to be 102° F on Thursday, June 21st in Baltimore, when I'm planning to spend an hour or so jumping around and screaming my head off. Is that… survivable? Seems doubtful, but I already have the plane ticket so I guess I can't back out now. If I don't make it, well, I've had a full life.

If I do (survive, that is) I'll be doing a song or two with the Bye Bye Blackbirds and telling a rock and roll story for an Art Beat Summer Rock Camp fundraiser on Saturday 6/23 at the Vessel Gallery, 471 25th St. in Oakland. Also appearing will be Ronnie Barnett, so that should be fun.


-- Thursday, June 21st, Otto Bar, 2549 North Howard Street, Baltimore, MD 21218: I'm going to be doing a set at the Insubordination Fest opening night, with Cincinnati's Mixtapes as the back-up band. They're learning the songs now. It should be a fun adventure. [Update: Houseboat has also been added to the fun adventure mix.]

-- Saturday, June 23rd, Vessel Gallery, 471 25th St., Oakland, CA with the Bye Bye Blackbirds, Ronnie Barnett, and others.

-- Sunday, July 8th, Oakland Metro Operahouse, 630 3rd Street, Oakland CA. 94607 : gonna be playing the Mess Fest, with Kepi, Prima Donna, and others. If you're planning to come to this to see my set, you're going to have to come mighty early, as it turns out I'm playing first. Like, 6 PM, I mean, seriously.

UPDATE: The schedule has now been emended and I'm on at 9:15 now. Thanks, Kat!

Posted by Dr. Frank at June 19, 2012 11:40 PM

Have the show organizers prepare a basin of ice water for you, and soak your feet in it between songs. One thing, though: you won't be able to jump around because that's unsafe to do with wet feet. But I think it would be worth it.

Posted by: Bill at June 20, 2012 01:38 AM

Now you're on 5th from 9:15-9:45pm :)

Posted by: Kat at June 27, 2012 02:45 AM
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