September 20, 2012

A Girl that I Once May Have Knew


I'm heading out the door for the trek to Europe -- first stop, Rotterdam, tour dates here -- and I thought I'd mention quickly while I'm still on the American wifi that the digital verison of the MTX cover of Road to Ruin is now up on all the various services.

I get loads of questions about this, and I used to answer by shuffling my feet and hemming and hawing and trying to change the subject, so it's nice to be able to answer it like this:

"Why, yes, my good man, you may now download it at http colon slash slash amazon dot com slash Road dash to dash Ruin slash dp slash B009D4n6Z0 ."

As for future re-releases of CDs or vinyl of that particular album, well, hem haw, hey look over there in the reeds, is that a kingfisher?

The currently available digital Mr T Experience / MTX / Dr. Frank catalog can be found here.

Okay, I'm off. See ya in the Low Countries.

Posted by Dr. Frank at September 20, 2012 11:27 PM