October 09, 2012

Two Things

I don't know how many people have noticed that I've been a bit missing in action and even more reclusive than usual until pretty recently. It's a long story, really, and never mind about that. But early this year I decided to try to force myself back out into the world at least a little, resolving to try to do at least one thing, of some kind, every month. In making this plan I didn't define what a "thing" was, other than it had to involve putting on pants and leaving the house. And so far so good. One thing a month, always out of the house, usually wearing pants. (I counted the Euro Art Tour with Kepi and Stefan as two things, since it spanned September and October. It does so count. My agoraphobia, my rules.)

So here we are, and November approacheth, and I'm doing two things. On Nov. 7th, I'm on the bill with the Smoking Popes at Slim's; the Born to Quit album is being re-issued, and they're playing it live, so that should be pretty cool. So that's Thing One.

Thing Two will be a night of acoustic sets with Bobby Joe Ebola, Kevin Seconds, and Eggplant at everyone's favorite record store, 1234 Go, on Friday, Nov. 9th. Come say hello or something.

Slim's, 333 11th St., San Francisco, CA
7:30, all ages, $15

with the Smoking Popes - details to follow.

1234 Go Records, 420 40th St., Oakland, CA

with Bobby Joe Ebola, Kevin Seconds, and Robert Eggplant

Posted by Dr. Frank at October 9, 2012 01:32 AM