October 06, 2012

What do you mean, there's no Nobel Punk Prize?

I had been planning to write some kind of post-mortem of the Euro Art Tour that I just returned from, and I may yet do one, but I don't really have it in me at the moment. In lieu of that, I posted this on facebook after the last show, and it still stands:

Well, it's hard to believe it's over, but it is. I had a great time. Thanks to Franz, Diego, lavi, Stefan, Koko, Eggnog, vanilla, the great nations of Europe, all promoters and everyone else who helped or came to a show, and most especially to Kepi who pulled me out of semi reclusivity by sheer enthusiasm and force of will. I mean, it's a bit mysterious: you bump into this guy at a show and next thing you know you're on a plane to Europe. Well done everybody. Ciao!
So it was a good time, and quite inspiring, and among the many things I learned is that it is feasible to do things like this in this day and age, that I am loved with somewhat inexplicable fervor by the Italians, and that journeyman carpenters in Germany dress like the Amish and actually "journey" -- some of them journeyed to the bar we were playing at, but, alas, I had no carpentry jobs going at the time.

Here's a report on the final date in Aachen. Jutze is a nice guy and a diligent blogger; also a recording artist and fan of books, YA, and John Green, evidently:

Worlds colliding and all that.

Posted by Dr. Frank at October 6, 2012 06:09 PM