May 30, 2013

Why You Should Avoid Calling the Police for Pretty Much any Reason Unless You're Comfortable with the Idea that You Could Get Someone Killed, Including a Baby or even Possibly Yourself

Pizza demo lady at Costco freaks out over dwindling pizza supply; employees call cops; police arrive and shoot her dead.

Now, it does sound as though this woman's behavior was strange and evidently it was disturbing enough to spur fellow employees to call the cops. And I suppose it is *possible* that she was wielding her scissors and kitchen knife in a threatening or dangerous way as claimed (though if you follow these cases, you soon learn that initial police accounts in such circumstances are almost always misleading if not outright lies.)

However, opening fire in a crowded supermarket is hard to excuse, even if this woman warranted restraint. A ricocheting bullet injured one of the officers, and it could well have hit a customer, or, like, a baby. The ensuing stampede out of the store could well have led to more injuries. Ultimately, it strains plausibility to the breaking point to imagine that two armed officers were incapable of restraining a single, middle-aged woman without killing her. But them's the facts.

Every time I read these stories, I can't help thinking of the poor people who naively call the police to help with this or that: in that position, I'd be wracked with guilt. It certainly makes you think twice about calling the cops for any purpose, because, you know, you could get someone killed (and risk getting killed yourself if they decide to start shooting in an enclosed space.)

Posted by Dr. Frank at May 30, 2013 04:02 PM