June 01, 2013

One of the Four Anecdotes I Have Involving me and the Band Blink-182

Drunk-posted this little tale on the face thing last night, and the comments wound up being funny enough that I'm posting it here for the edification of anyone who still reads stuff on this blog.

So, some time ago when my then upstairs neighbor was kind of stalking me, she invited me to go with her to some big radio-sponsored "summer concert" that her favorite band was playing at. Now that is just not my kind of scene, and there was no way I was actually going to go to it, but in the course of trying to figure out a way to decline gracefully without hurting her feelings too much, I learned that the band in question was Blink-182.

Well, I was able to tell her, politely I hoped, that there was pretty much zero chance that I would have a good time at something like that. And she was all: "I know they're edgy and 'punk' and you probably aren't comfortable with that but they're actually really good and you should give them a chance..."

Posted by Dr. Frank at June 1, 2013 03:44 PM