July 25, 2013

Doing these three four things

--Friday, July 26: Verdi Club, 2424 Mariposa St., SF. Porchlight Story Telling Series 11th Anniversary Show 8 PM. w/ Anthony Bedard, Hai Ning Luan, April Sinclair, Dominic Riley, Michelle Tea, Arline Klatte, Beth Lisick. Gonna talk and play a song or whatever.

-- Friday, August 9: The Gutter, 200 N. 14th street, Brooklyn, NY, 9PM. Acoustic set, w/ Mikey Erg and the Science Police.

-- Saturday August 24th, Old Ironsides, 1901 10th St Sacramento, CA 95811. The Knockoffs' 20th Anniversary show w/ me, Arts & Leisure, and Bright Faces.

-- Tuesday, September 17th: 1234Go! Records, 420 40th St., Oakland, CA. w/ Kepi and Miss Chain (that's Franz's band from Italia, for those of you who know him.)

Posted by Dr. Frank at July 25, 2013 06:40 PM