July 06, 2013

Sure, they're not that original, but some of the best bands in the world have been totally derivative.

Because of a question about where to buy MTX / Dr. Frank stuff on line, I took a look at the iTunes store's MTX page and found the sentence that is the title of this post in the band bio. Evidently, this comes from the allmusic.com's MTX page, and has thence migrated to many of the usual digital music hubs like iTunes, Pandora, etc. It's not something I would necessarily disagree with, especially in context, but it still seems a bit of a strange way to try to sell stuff. That is, however valid it might be as criticism, it doesn't seem all that solid as "marketing." So, it seems like I should perhaps try to come up with an alternative to submit to them, if they let me. (Anyone who'd like to give it a shot, give it a shot and email me.)

Anyhow, though I have mentioned it on the blog a couple of times way back when, I realized there are no links on the sidebar, so I've put some up. They go like this:


Dr. Frank

So there ya go. Buy something if you want!

Posted by Dr. Frank at July 6, 2013 10:26 PM