July 31, 2013

When disincentives might as well be incentives

Remember when the DEA left that college kid to die in a locked room for five days? A ways back I was wondering what ever happened to him and his case, and the consensus of facebook comments was that there probably was a settlement with a secrecy clause that would prevent anyone from ever knowing anything about it.

But I guess not. AP reports that he has settled for $4.1 million (cheap). (He was originally seeking $20 million, and I imagine a jury would have given it to him.)

The agents responsible have been disciplined, relieved of their duties and are now being prosecuted for attempted murder. Just kidding. No federal agent has been, or ever will be, disciplined, criticized, prosecuted, or even identified. They were just doing their jobs. And the settlement will be paid by the taxpayers. Not much of a disincentive there; quite the opposite really. Nice work if you can get it, eh, fellas?

(Previously noted here here.)

Posted by Dr. Frank at July 31, 2013 02:36 AM