March 24, 2014


Paul and George had a quota of anecdotes from these early days of a strengthening friendship, like the time they heard how someone had a copy of the Coasters' "Searchin'" and made a long bus journey to Bootle or Kirkby or Knotty Ash (it varies in the telling but apparently it involved two changes) simply to ask this person if he'd play it to them. Why they didn't just buy it is never explained. However, as Paul once confessed, having accepted the generosity of this stranger who let them sit in the living and listen to his record they relieved him of its ownership, doing a runner with the precious disc stuffed under a jacket.

Another of Paul's warm anecdotes is the one where he and George heard about somebody in a distant Liverpool suburb who knew the chord B7. Again, they got out the bus map, planned a route, knocked on the unknown door, and asked the man to show them.

-- Mark Lewisohn, Tune In: The Beatles: All These Years

Posted by Dr. Frank at March 24, 2014 02:39 AM