April 30, 2014

Fag Port-gay

I took this buzzfeed quiz, via Althouse, (because insomnia) to determine how "privileged" I am, and the result was: 42% "privileged". That's a whole lot less "privileged" than I actually am, I'm sure, if such a thing really is quantifiable. I answered the questions literally, insofar as I understood them, but I'm sure if I tried to psych the questions out and answer according to what I assume to be their spirit I'd have scored differently. e.g., I was, like a great many of you probably, called a "fag" every single day throughout my childhood, though I wasn't and am not actually gay. If the question is getting at gayness I answered it wrong. Also the questions at the end about "any of your identities" seemed surreal and I couldn't quite relate them to my plain old single identity. I wouldn't doubt that having just one identity rather than a mess of them (unless one of them is Batman) is somehow a big mark of "privilege" in itself but I'm not sure the multiple questions got at that.

I know, some guy just made it up so it's worthless, like everything else on the internet, but it nevertheless made me feel kind of bad somehow, and I'm sure that at least was the point, despite my "good" score (because privileged is bad, right?)

Posted by Dr. Frank at April 30, 2014 03:01 PM