May 06, 2014

A False Positive is a Negative

Because I'm a shameless narcissist, I have google alerts on all my "stuff" and this yields some surreally inapt things sometimes.

One common one is that I will get alerted to young Christian women who proclaim things like "why yes, I am a DORK! Daughter of the Risen King!" Apparently that's a thing. Little do they know that their declarations are automatically directed via internet to anyone who happens to have written a book with the words "dork" and "king" in the title.

Another is that people who list my stuff in their favorites on certain dating sites get their profiles forwarded to me (and I assume all the authors and bands they list.) Of course we look at them. Who wouldn't be intrigued by that? (This doesn't appear to be comprehensive, as it only happens occasionally. As a narcissist I have to assume that many more people are listing my stuff among their favorites on dating sites than are actually being forwarded to me. Maybe it has to do with privacy settings or something.)

I am also alerted to the antics of many other doctors other than myself, including Dr. Frank-n-furter, and my favorite of all the Dr. Franks, Dr. Frank A. Wrestler. According to that link he's 73 and the name will soon be up for grabs, if I understand the way names being up for grabs works. And when that happens, I'm using it.

Finally (well, not literally finally, but finally in the sense of it's the last thing I feel like typing about), MTX is an abbreviation for quite a few things other than the Mr. T Experience. It's an audio company (so you get things like "kick ass MTX pumpin' bass..." It's also a Czech sports car, a Honda motorcycle, a lethal toxin found in exotic fish, and a drug used in various kinds of chemotherapy.

This last leads to things like "I hate the doctor for giving me MTX" which seems just about right in any context, or this one that just came in recently:

"it's probably just the MTX but like if I had the energy I'd probably throw myself out the window." Actually I'm not certain which MTX this person is talking about, but of course I hope he or is she is all right.

Sometimes narcissism takes a dark turn.

Posted by Dr. Frank at May 6, 2014 08:24 PM