October 25, 2014

Logos (not the Jesus kind)

So I'm not sure what I expect to get from this, but I thought it could be worth trying so bear with me while I explain what it is.

You know how you (probably) used to devote a great deal of time in your teenage years to designing your theoretical band's logo? I mean, maybe you still spend time doing that, and if so I won't judge you. What else are you going to do with your time? It's not for me to say. Anyway in King Dork Approximately this is a recurring theme, which will not surprise anyone who has read King Dork, I'm sure.

I have often thought it would be fun to have logos of some of Tom's and Sam's bands, and I've even tried designing a logo or two myself from time to time.

But, in fact, I really suck at drawing logos, or anything. Even when the goal is to look awkward and amateurish -- doing that authentically can actually take more talent than producing something straightforward.

So I thought, hey I will ask the internet, and see what happens.

The assignment is to design a logo for the band Encyclopedia Satanica. From the book:

Oh, you haven’t heard our band? Encyclopedia Satanica? Well, that’s what it was called at the time I’m describing—that is, at the beginning of Sam Hellerman’s phone call about the letter. You should have seen the logo: so squashed-together and spiky that it was completely illegible. No way anyone was going to be able to read that thing. And it was really more of a sinister cult than a band. By the end of every show all audience members, especially the ladies, were thoroughly brainwashed and eager to do our bidding like sexy robot zombies.
And one of the conceits in the story is that logo is so illegible that they actually use it over and over for several of the subsequent bands, to wit:
I showed them the logo.

“It used to say ‘Encyclopedia Satanica,’ ” I explained. “Then it said ‘I Hate This Jar.’ But now it says ‘Teenage Brainwashers.’"

Got it? Anyone feel like drawing it? If so do and send it to me at mail@frankportman.com or by any other means you like.

This isn't a "contest" or anything like that, but if anybody does do it it'll be fun, probably, and maybe there's some kind of favor I could do for you one day (if it doesn't cost me any money because I'm stone broke.)

p.s. I'm also trying to come with a (legible) new MTX logo, so if any logo-happy people out there want to give that one a shot, please do.

Posted by Dr. Frank at October 25, 2014 06:28 PM