October 30, 2014

This Theory Has Become Known as the Waste of Time Theory, and Was Abandoned in 1956

My publisher is Random house, whose logo is a picture of house. Recently they merged with Penguin, whose logo is a picture of a penguin, and the merged company now officially (I think) goes by the name "Penguin Random House" (despite the habit of many of us to call it "Random Penguin" which is too whimsical and irreverent to give up on all the way.)

I don't know what their official logo is now, or if they even have one, but you often see it done like this, with a gigantic penguin standing next to the house:

Or maybe the giant penguin is floating in an air bubble next to the house.

Anyway, this image has always reminded me of this, and I thought I'd share:

Posted by Dr. Frank at October 30, 2014 05:02 PM