November 06, 2014

Show Business is Still My So-Called Life


So as you can see -- and you can click on the banner for a larger version of the flier -- the book release show at 1-2-3-4 Go Records on Sunday December 7 is shaping up to be quite a wild "happening." (At least I hope it'll be at least a bit wild.) There may be a further late-breaking addition or two, but this is the essential line-up. We're going to do it variety show style, with Chris Appelgren as our Ed Sullivan, introducing short "acts" by each of the performers. Basically we are going to pretend it's TV. At the end, I'll play a set. If this sounds like a good time to you, you should probably come. There will be books available in advance of the release date of December 9, allowing you to feel cutting-edge and special for two whole days.

New York on 12/9 also has a pretty crazy line-up, all great interesting people. It's also variety show style, with Beth Lisick as Ed Sullivan, and as with the Oakland show, it will probably be more fun for everyone if we all pretend we're on TV during it.

So here's an updated list, thru December:

Sunday, December 7th

1-2-3-4 Go! Records, 420 40th St., #5, Oakland, CA, 94609. 7 PM.

Chris Appelgren (host), with Dr. Frank, Chuck Prophet, Bye Bye Blackbirds, Victor Krummenacher, John Denery w/Virgil & Judy, Bucky Sinister, the Devil-Ettes, Jack Boulware, Karen Finlay, Paige O'Donoghue, Dina Graves (on trombone and with cookies.) Facebook event page here.

Tuesday, December 9th

Housing Works, 126 Crosby Street, New York, NY 10012. 7PM

An Evening with King Dork Approximately, hosted by Beth Lisick, featuring Chris Gethard, Emily Gould, Jami Attenberg, Liz Prince, Mikey Erg, Gayle Forman, Maeve Higgins, Joel Reader, Zachary Lipez. Facebook event page here.

Wednesday, December 10th

The Chris Gethard Show! 11PM

Friday, December 12th

Book release launch event party thing presented by The Secret Garden Bookshop, location and time TBA but it'll either be at the store (2214 NW Market Street, Seattle WA 98107) or at a space nearby, in the evening. Line-up TBA.

Saturday, December 13th

Barnes & Noble Downtown, 600 Pine St., Suite 107, Seattle WA 98101. 3 PM. This will be a bookstore appearance/signing, and I'll be playing songs too most likely.

And then, later that night...

The Kraken Bar and Lounge, 5257 University Way NE, Seattle WA, 9PM.

Dr. Frank and the Teenage Brainwashers (featuring members of Dead Bars, Stab Me Kill Me, and Shadow Cats), Bottlenose Coffins, The Pinellas. Flier here. Facebook event page here.

Monday, December 15

Book Passage, Ferry Building, San Francisco. Details TBA.

Wednesday, December 17

Serramonte Library, 40 Wembley Drive, Daly City. 7 PM

Saturday, December 20

Nostalgia Fest 2014, solo acoustic show, with Schlong, the Skirt Boys, Slow Gherkin, the Librarians, the What Nots, Chomp Hard, Escape Engine/Fight Like Fight.

Finally, pre-order King Dork Approximately!

Posted by Dr. Frank at November 6, 2014 11:39 PM