November 20, 2014

The New Narcissism: it's NOT OKAY


So just the other day I wound up on the front page of the Tribune and all those other east bay papers courtesy of Jim "the critic" Harrington. Very much appreciate the coverage, so thanks Jim. Several folks have pointed out that a chief point of interest is the photos' glimpse into my crumbling hovel. I still have "the hand" (from the Revenge is Sweet cover pic); and the image behind me is not (as Patrick wrote in to ask, plausibly) a piece of Robyn Hitchcock art, but rather a tapestry depicting Krishna, Radharani, and Balarama.

Other links:

-- Four start to King Dork from book blogger and aspiring ballerina Aubrey Joy.

-- I am interviewed in The Runout.

-- I am a guest on the Matt and Jonah Make a Scene podcast. The episode in question, currently at the top of queue, is called "Lightning in a Bottle."

-- Claire liked King Dork.

-- That time I blew out the sound system at an NCIBA trade show with an acoustic guitar and some mild witticisms.

-- Steven Bickmore and Kate Youngblood examine Holden Caulfield's successors in contemporary YA literature in a journal called English in Education. That's definitely the fanciest thing I've ever been in, unless you count a couple of cowboy shirts.

Posted by Dr. Frank at November 20, 2014 12:30 PM