December 23, 2014



So my custom Dr. Frank guitar was built mostly to the specs of the Martin OM/OO, but is considerably deeper than the standard. This made finding a case for it challenging (I actually had to have one of those custom made as well in the end) and in a unique sound that I've really heard nowhere else. And it is much, much louder than you'd expect from such a small bodied guitar, which is really a help playing unamplified in school cafeterias and places like that.

Now Jason Ingrodi, the guy who made it, is making a copy of it (with koa back and sides) for a local guy who was impressed with the sound of the orginal, and he's calling it the OO-DF, the "DF" standing for "Dr. Frank." Which is quite cool. I'd really like to hear what that will sound like, though it isn't likely I never will unless I get rich and order up a koa one myself. He's also doing a cherry one, if my facts are right. Hm, cherry... This could get loud expensive.

Posted by Dr. Frank at December 23, 2014 05:53 PM