December 16, 2014

plus ça change

Beth pointed out this paragraph that closes Dickens's "preface to the first cheap edition" of Nicholas Nickleby:

There is only one other point, on which I would desire to offer a remark. If Nicholas be not always found to be blameless or agreeable, he is not always intended to appear so. He is a young man of an impetuous temper and little or no experience; and I saw no reason why such a hero should be lifted out of nature.
It is really quite something that this is still a thing you find yourself having to say in the 21st century. Or perhaps it's not so surprising, given our slow and steady transmogrification into pseudo-meta-neo-Victorians (or whatever the hell we are these days.) It's NOT OKAY!

Posted by Dr. Frank at December 16, 2014 06:07 PM