March 05, 2015

Here's some links

Mostly just random:

-- At the end of a run of joyful riffing on the manifold absurdities of Treacherous Love by Beatrice Sparks (of Go Ask Alice fame) the host of this podcast has nice things to say about King Dork and my musical oeuvre, if oeuvre means what I think it does. (The podcast's theme is "godawful books," and it was funny/interesting enough that I checked out a few other episodes as well. Good-natured ridicule is the best kind, and this is fun stuff.)

-- here's an interview I did for WYPL's Book Talk program in Memphis.

-- Q&A w/me in the Berkeley Monthly.

-- King Dork Approximately is on this list of "six of the best YA outsider stories" on the Barnes & Noble teen blog; also on that blog (and I can't remember if I've linked to it before so if so, sorry) King Dork appears as a Catcher in the Rye counterpoint on < href="">this Time magazine-baiting list.

-- Dr. Frank, the Punks in Vegas interview.

-- I wound up on this list of 15 authors to watch on Popcrush.

-- They compared me to Sondheim ("a Sondheim he ain't...") I think that's what the reference in this Washington Post post is getting at.

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