October 23, 2015


So I guess that vinyl sale was a success, in that I have hardly any of the LPs left. Thanks very much folks. I may well do it again next time I find myself with some time and some product so watch this space.

In the meantime, I still have a few inquiries about the remaining odds and ends coming in, so this is a post to make clear what's still left to be got. (Also, I found another box of assorted CDs so the CD inventory has changed a bit.) I'll leave a link to this post on the side panel as well.

Check the original post for the details on how to order something. Also, though it's not noted there, it's a good idea to let me know in your initial message if you're outside the US, because shipping costs more and I have to present the packages personally at the post office in most cases so that information will affect the shipping amount charged and the timeline for sending the stuff out.

LPs ($20): Night Shift

10" ($15): Big Black Bugs Bleed Blue Blood

7" ($8): Tapin' Up My Heart, Andromeda Klein, Bomb Bassets "Please Don't Die", Bomb Bassett/McCrackins "Trip" split.

CDs ($10): Everyone's Entitled, Night Shift, Making Things with Light, And the Women.., Love Is Dead (1 left), Revenge Is Sweet, Show Business, Alcatraz, Yesterday Rules

CDep: ($9) Miracle of Shame

CDR ($9): The Way Things Sound Like, Eight Little Songs

shirts ($20): Dr. Frank / Kepi Euro-tour (M, S, and Ladies' M only), King Dork Approximately, Sam Hellerman

Posted by Dr. Frank at October 23, 2015 11:54 PM