October 08, 2015

Guitar News

The attempt to get my old Les Paul Jr. (the white one) into playing condition had hit a major snag a ways back because one of the bridge posts seems to have been epoxied in at some point and wouldn't come out without risk of major wood loss. (The reason it has to come out is a problem that is pretty typical of the 50s Juniors apparently: over the last 60 years the posts had gradually leaned forward and were actually touching the pick up. I think this was a problem early on that I didn't quite notice, because in order to play it halfway in tune, I learned to play the parts of chords on the upper strings a half step down and bend them up as I went up the neck, requiring a real re-adjustment of technique when I finally switched to a less idiosyncratic instrument.)

Anyway, just got word that the damn thing finally did come out, with no drilling necessary even. Smooth sailing from here according to the guy who's working on it. Best news ever, because it always sounded great and here's how cool it looks:


Posted by Dr. Frank at October 8, 2015 03:40 PM