April 04, 2016

Doing this Again

UPDATE 4/5/16: So this thing is winding down, though I still have the non-crossed-out stuff listed below. I'm going to leave this up here and in the sidebar (at this link) for anyone who wants to check in the future, but if you want any of this stuff soon now would be a good time, while I'm in mailing mode before I fall back into procrastination mode, a mode in which I hardly ever manage to do anything. Thanks everybody.


So, another record sale. Let's see what happens.

Here's what I've got:

LPs ($20): Alcatraz, Revenge Is Sweet, Love Is Dead, Milk Milk Lemonade, Making Things with Light, Night Shift

10" ($15): Big Black Bugs

7" ($8): Tapin' Up My Heart, Andromeda Klein, Bomb Bassets "Please Don't Die", Bomb Bassett/McCrackins "Trip" split.

CDs ($10): Everyone's Entitled, Night Shift, Making Things with Light, And the Women..., Show Business, Alcatraz, Yesterday Rules

CDep: ($9) Miracle of Shame

CDR ($9): The Way Things Sound Like, Eight Little Songs

cassingle ($5): King Dork Approximately / O'Brien Is Trying to Learn to Talk Hawaiian

shirts ($20): Dr. Frank / Kepi Euro-tour (M, S, and Ladies' M only), King Dork Approximately, Sam Hellerman (M only)

So if you want in on this, drop me a line (at themagnificentdrfrank@gmail.com) saying what you want, and I'll calculate the shipping and total and tell you the amount to paypal to: themagnificentdrfrank@gmail.com. Include in the paypal order a list of what you're ordering so I don't screw up. And when you do the paypal order, please do it as an order for goods/services and include your address in the order. (Avoiding the fee by making it a gift instead is a nice idea but in fact makes the whole thing more of a hassle, plus the shipping often winds up costing more.)

Please make sure to indicate if you are outside of the US because that obviously affects shipping. (Also, note that Canada is, in fact, outside of the US.)

I'll send these out on a first paid, first served basis, meaning that if there's one copy left and you've inquired about it, but someone else pays first, the payer gets it.

I'm happy to sign anything or whatever. The quantities are limited to whatever I've got in these two boxes. When they're gone, they're gone till (possibly) next time.

UPDATE: Revenge, Love Is Dead, and Alcatraz are all gone or spoken for (unless any of the spoken-for ones become unspoken for.) Also, no more Dress Rehearsal 7"s, EETTOO CDs, and women who love them CDS.

Posted by Dr. Frank at April 4, 2016 03:26 PM