April 07, 2016

Is that a Fret or a Promise?

Hard to imagine a more dim-witted piece of criticism than this, as a (perhaps surprising) 100% of Stranger commenters avow. I don't care too much about that (though it's fun when snark like "hey there's this thing called the internet you can look stuff up on grandpa" comes from someone who doesn't know what "beguiled" means, and who couldn''t be bothered to use the wacky new google to familiarize himself with his own subject, who happens to be the rather famous Calvin Trillin nobody who reads the New Yorker ever heard of.)

What I'm concerned about is the assertion that the word "fret" is archaic and forbidden as a rhyming word. It doesn't seem so to me, though admittedly I'm pretty archaic myself. Not to mention the fact that it describes an activity to which I devote a considerable amount of my energy, sometimes all of it. I hate to see it go. Then again, I'm the guy who put the word "tresses" in a pop song, over my producer's objections on just those grounds, so I was out of it a long time ago.

UPDATE: this guy returns, saying "sorry not sorry" for missing the irony while demonstrating that he isn't all that clear on what irony is, but linking to the famously non-ironic Alanis Morissette song. (Now that's ironic.) Comments are once again funny and re-assuring. He still doesn't get it. I love the poorly educated.

Posted by Dr. Frank at April 7, 2016 09:17 PM