June 30, 2016

Yes, you squashed cabbage leaf. You disgrace to the noble architecture of these columns! You incarnate insult to the English language! I could pass you off as, er, the Queen of Sheba.

From Freddie deBoer:

...Meanwhile, the grubby masses, lacking access to the kind of private liberal arts colleges where one learns these Byzantine codes, now can add political and moral poverty to their economic and social poverty. This is the next great project of the American elite: building a political system that ensures the winners in winner-take-all enjoy not just the fruits of material gain, but the certainty that their elevated station is deserved thanks to their elevated moral standing.
I think you can probably learn a version of it from reading Gawker and Slate, taking buzzfeed quizzes, and watching MTV, but it won't be quite good enough to pass as a duchess at an embassy ball.

Posted by Dr. Frank at June 30, 2016 05:19 PM