August 10, 2016

Packing Up the Boxes

Thanks to everyone for buying stuff in this last record sale, and for bidding on that Love Is Dead test pressing, which wound up going for $405 -- a record, I'm sure, so to speak. (And cheers, Brian.)

I'll probably do another sale at some point, especially if the storage excavations turn up anything interesting. I do have a quantity of posters, stretching back to the Rough Trade days that might get brought out. And maybe I'll do another test pressing or other bit of memorabilia then too.

In the meantime, here's the list of what's left:

LPs ($20): Alcatraz, Revenge Is Sweet, Milk Milk Lemonade, Making Things with Light, Night Shift

10" ($15): Big Black Bugs

7" ($8): Tapin' Up My Heart, Andromeda Klein, Dr. Frank & the Bye Bye Blackbirds "Even Hitler..." / "Population: Us"

CDs ($10): Night Shift, Making Things with Light, And the Women..., Show Business Is My Life, Alcatraz, Yesterday Rules

CDep: ($9) Miracle of Shame

CDR ($9): The Way Things Sound Like, Eight Little Songs

cassingle ($5): King Dork Approximately / O'Brien Is Trying to Learn to Talk Hawaiian

shirts ($20): Dr. Frank / Kepi Euro-tour (M, S, and Ladies' M only), King Dork Approximately (S, M, L, XL), Sam Hellerman (M only)

As usual, I'm going to leave this post at that link in the sidebar ("I have some odds and ends lying around...) in case anyone wants any of it and would like to try to shake me from my customary state of lassitude to the point where I might actually pull the well-tetris'd boxes back out of the closet.

Thanks again, my good people.

Posted by Dr. Frank at August 10, 2016 03:23 PM