October 05, 2016

High School Is the Penalty for Transgressions Yet to Be Specified

This song begins side 2 of King Dork Approximately the Album, and we released it as a digital single to accompany the video (essentially a short film with the song as soundtrack, directed by our own up-and-coming filmmaker Jonathan London.)

The AV Club "premiered" the video with a write up here.

You can find the song: on Amazon; on iTunes; and on spotify. It's on all the other services as well.

Or you could just buy the whole album from Sounds Rad. Ten bucks. Comes with a free book, instant download of the album, and a signed limited print of the original cover art by Frank Kozik, signed by me. Pretty good deal (and the only way to get the rest of the album till January.)


Posted by Dr. Frank at October 5, 2016 02:11 PM