October 07, 2016

John, please cut extra loud good luck and thanks

I thought I had everything already, but I just got another surprise grab bag bin of MTX master tapes from Alex Botkin via Corbett Redford (who was presumably hanging on to them for use in the Green Day / East Bay Punk documentaries in some way.) Not sure where I'm going to put them. I already have 16 bins of tapes tetrised in a closet in two precarious towers that you have to be careful to breathe around. Literally tripping over my "legacy" over here.

Anyway, two photos.

This is the two track master for the Love American Style 7" with the note that is the title of this post from Kevin Army to mastering engineer John Golden:


And this one is reel two of "MT HH":


MT is "Mr. T" I'm sure. What do you suppose "HH" is?

Well, whenever we would start a recording project, Kevin would ask me for the title, which I would almost never know before we started. (Love Is Dead is the one exception I can think of.) So I would just say the first thing that popped into my head, which Kevin would dutifully write down, and that would pretty much be the working title of the album till we came up with the real one. (This is why the Our Bodies Our Selves tapes are all labeled "Julie Andrews". At least I think it's OBOS that was Julie Andrews. I don't want to risk the tetris tower of tapes to check.)

HH stands for "Henrietta Hippo." Which was later re-titled Big Black Bugs Bleed Blue Blood.

Henrietta Hippo, seriously. Maybe that would have been better, who knows?

You'll also notice, if you can make it out from the two track master of side two of LK 49 (Milk Milk Lemonade) next to it, that the original title of "See It Now" was "Slow One".

Posted by Dr. Frank at October 7, 2016 01:39 AM