October 07, 2016



Kevin Seconds is the best example I can think of of a punk rock guy transitioning successfully and elegantly to an authentic, credible role as a singer-songwriter qua singer-songwriter. (Not that he's left the punk rock behind, necessarily -- but it's a thing many have tried and few have managed quite as well.) He's a great writer and terrific guy as well. You know those songs where you hear them once and everything snaps into place and it feels like they were always there, somehow? He's got those. It's not so easy to come up with them.

My first ever solo acoustic show was at the Bottom of the Hill in 1999, on a bill that included Kevin, whom I didn't really know at the time. Playing solo is nerve-wracking and scary the first few times you do it. I was almost literally petrified, couldn't feel my fingers... my memory of it is still a blur of anxiety, and when I think of it now my main thought is still, man, glad that's over. Anyway, because of that I kind of feel like Kevin Seconds was there from the beginning of my clumsy trip down the road he travelled more deftly. Here's to many more great songs.

Posted by Dr. Frank at October 7, 2016 05:44 PM