October 11, 2016

Note to people outside the USA who want King Dork Approximately the Album


It is ridiculously expensive to ship the physical book (which is the "gateway" to the album download) but you can buy the Amazon Kindle version and access the album from it. (I believe it will work with any form of the ebook as well.) That means you can pay $9.99 and get the album as soon as you have downloaded the ebook. (I confirmed with our friend Maria Surfingbird: it works, all the way from Russia!) It's at the back of the book, and it is listed in the contents menu as well.

Of course, this is something people in the US who want the album instantly can do as well, though the Sounds Rad package offers a bit more for your money. And, while we're running down the options for getting the album right away, buying the book from a store always works (plus it makes the store think it's worth stocking my books which isn't bad.) You can also order the physical book from Amazon or any other outlet that stocks it and ships to your country of course.

links: Amazon; Sounds Rad

Also, when you buy it, if you like it and wouldn't mind, leave a review on the Amazon page. It couldn't hurt!

Posted by Dr. Frank at October 11, 2016 03:33 PM