October 12, 2016

Somewhere Halfway between the Ramones and AC/DC


Just a few links from the past week.

--This review (by Julie River) of King Dork Approximately the Album appeared on the punknews.org site. I've been covered in one way or another by quite a few big, important publications in the mainstream media over the years, but I have to say that this is probably the most thoughtful, cogent, and (dare I say) serious review I've seen of anything I've ever done. A lot of journalism is mainly about personality, image, and stuff to do with the supposed economic or cultural impact of the bits of art being covered; articles that specifically address the content of the thing being written about in any extensive way are surprisingly rare, even when it comes to ostensible reviews, so much so that it's a bit shocking when you come across one that does.

(To be honest, many reviews these days seem to be written by people who haven't actually read or listened to the thing being reviewed. You know I'm right about this. And Julie River actually took the time to read the books before referencing them and discussing them -- it's shocking, perhaps, that I'm so impressed with this, but it really is quite unusual.)

So kudos to you, punknews.org, and thanks: I didn't know you had it in you.

(Of course it doesn't hurt that the review is favorable, or that it contains the phrase I pulled for the title of this post and will no doubt be quoting all the time, till the day I die. It almost beats this one, from a guy on twitter: "it's kind of like if Robyn Hitchcock was in Green Day." Now, that's quotable.)

-- All that being said, I was pleased to have the release and local shows featured the Mercury News by Jim Harrington, and in the San Francisco Chronicle by Steven Boyle.

-- Ed Masley kindly included "Cynthia (with a Y)" on his list of 20 best September singles. Thanks, Ed!

-- here's a review from Punk Rock Theory; and here's one !upstarter.

-- This interview appears in the UK fanzine Lights Go Out. And this one, by our own Bobby Martinez, is in The Bay Bridged.

-- Here's a little personal testimonial cum press release by Jonathan London, long time MTX supporter and director of the "High School Is the Penalty..." video.

-- on the subject of videos, don't forget about these: "Cinthya (with a Y)"; and "King Dork Approximately. "Cynthia ..." was premiered in Paper Mag with a nice write-up by Alex Scordelis; while "High School..." was premiered by the AV Club with this writeup. Also, I've got to mention Tom Breihan's post on "Cinthya..." on Stereogum, because he once referred to King Dork as the "best punk rock book ever" in the Village Voice: you don't forget the names of the people who give good quote like that.

-- For the Love of Punk is doing a contest/giveaway of a copy of the book/album.

-- Here's a punk books display at the Windmill Library in Las Vegas, where I'm appearing this month (on 10/22.) Steven Matview, the librarian who arranged for that, also runs Punks in Vegas, and here's his "book club" review of King Dork.

-- finally, a couple of podcasts I've recently done: RIYL, with Brian Heater; and the rock and roll show Long Gone Loser (Part 1 and Part 2.

Okay that's all I got right now.

Posted by Dr. Frank at October 12, 2016 08:00 PM