March 18, 2017

Education in the Liberal Arts

When you guys see stuff like this, do you think back to your college years and imagine how your professors might have fared under the current zero tolerance "shout 'em down" atmosphere that apparently prevails at universities these days? I always think of Alain Renoir, the most interesting man I ever knew, and the best teacher, and also a man who told jokes that would launch a thousand black bloc pepper spray firebombs and buzzfeed excommunication-from-humanity listicle-encyclicals and twitter witch-hunts today. What would he have done? I don't know, it's impossible to imagine a guy like that anywhere near a university nowadays. It's a weird thought experiment.

Glad I'm not a professor (as, believe it or not, I once planned to be.) Or a student. Or a proper person, really. It's a funny old world, innit?

Posted by Dr. Frank at March 18, 2017 02:47 AM