April 19, 2017

Genre: Christian/gospel


My brother spotted this kinda funny genre description on google play and gave it a genuinely funny caption: Psalms about Girls.

I assumed at first that it was our mistake, that we just forgot to change the genre field to "punk/whatever" from what seems to be the default (Christian/gospel). However I checked and that's not the case. Our designated genre is "punk/other". The Orchard (our digital distributor) has big problems with their meta-data and so forth, and this is just another example.

In the case of this genre thing I don't care, and in fact I think it's rather amusing. The big problem, though, remains the product description, which never ever ever ever shows up anywhere, though we dutifully compose and enter one for each and every product. That means that our stuff just appears on places like iTunes and Amazon with a blank space where the product description should be. Not ideal, and quite frustrating. There also appears to be nothing that can be done about it.

Their response to requests for help with this has been thus far to say, in effect, hey buddy it's not our problem if Amazon doesn't display the description field. Take it up with them. (I did... they don't care either.) But the way I look at it, they have ONE JOB. And product descriptions are an integral part of it. I'm not the only person in this situation. It's a common complaint. Something is screwed up in their meta-data fields, such that they don't match up with the retail outlets that they supply. That's somebody's fault and it isn't ours.

Fuckin' Orchard.

That said, it is funny.

Posted by Dr. Frank at April 19, 2017 03:34 PM