August 11, 2017



-- Today is (finally!) the official release date of the LP and CD of King Dork Approximately the Album. (I know that way back we said there were no plans to do a CD of this release, and there weren't any originally, but plans change and this one did -- long story.)

-- The limited edition 180 gram gold vinyl "dibs" pressing is now SOLD OUT. They should be going out to their purchasers this month (and thanks.)

-- The "vanilla" black vinyl version, and the CD, is available everywhere, like via Amazon, Interpunk, or (theoretically at least) at your local record store, if you've still got one. You can also get it directly from Sounds Rad, which is a good idea because they have some packages and bundles and are also running a discount promotion thru the weekend. Details and links below.

-- As of now these are the ways to acquire KDATA: (a) vinyl LP; (b) CD; (c) direct digital purchase via Amazon / iTunes / etc.; (d) free download of AAC digital version with the book. (I've been asked several times about whether the book download version will be de-activated now or at some future time, and the answer, or at least the plan, is no: the plan is, it's forever. Keep buying the "balbum" you crazy kids!)

-- Here are buy links for KDATA from Sounds Rad:

vinyl LP (black), $15

vinyl LP (black) bundled with shirt, poster, sticker, & pin, $25

CD, $10.

CD, packaged with shirt, poster, pin, & sticker, $20.

The "More than Complete Package", which includes the LP, CD, book, poster, pin, & sticker, $50.

-- also, if you buy any of this stuff and enter KINGDORK at checkout you'll get 10% off any other items on the Sounds Rad site. This is good thru the weekend, so it's a good time to stock up if stocking up is your bag.

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August 10, 2017

My Dad's Lenny Bruce


Watching this great documentary on free speech and comedy. It's free on Amazon Prime at the moment.

Lenny Bruce's story plays a big role. They say (and it's hard to disagree) that Lenny Bruce wouldn't stand a chance on college campuses today. (Nor, I daresay, at google, or at KPFA, or Warped Tour, or... what have you.)

Anyway, it inspired me to dig out this book, which I haven't read since I was a kid. This is my dad's copy, which I still have. (I mean, obviously.) It only just occurred to me now how weird and cool it was that he had one just laying around for twelve-year-old me to pick up, and how much I owe to them both.

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Clear Error


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August 08, 2017

MTX w/Kepi, Philly and NYC November 10-11


So yeah, like it says, we're bringing the MTX machine to Philly and NYC w/ Kepi in November. A good time will be had.

11/10- Philadelphia, PA at Kung Fu Necktie
11/11- Brooklyn, NY at Saint Vitus

Tix on sale on Friday, 10AM. Gonna sell out quick I bet, so get on it!

(I'm also playing solo at Jughead's place with Vapid and Even in Blackouts in Chicago on August 19/20, btw. I believe there are still a few tickets left for the Sunday. If you're interested in that go here.)

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