October 12, 2017

3 10 '97


Came across this photo while looking for something else. That's Kevin Army's grandma's guitar, I believe. If the camera time stamp date is correct, this is from the month before we started recording Revenge Is Sweet. There's a set list on the coffee table that seems to be for a solo show -- if so it must have been a very early one among the first of those I did. My guess is it was the one at the Lookout store. The fact that I'd written out a list reflects how nervous I was about playing solo back then.

Note: the Archie McPhee inflatable mummy; the Groovie Ghoulies devotional candle; Batman alarm clock; fake Nunchaku; very best of the Undertones shirt; H. P. Lovecraft's Dagon and other Macabre Tales; Levinas's Totality and Infinity... 20 years ago, but everything still seems kinda similar.

Posted by Dr. Frank at October 12, 2017 03:07 AM