November 20, 2017

Everything else is our oyster

I've written a bit about this song qua song recently (when I posted the solo guitar version.) I've always thought the video, by my old pal Jennifer Kaufman, transcended the song and turned it into a sort of work of art. The house the band tries to set up in at the end is the family home of Dallas and John Denery (of Sweet Baby Jesus and Hi-Fives.) There was also a bit that was filmed but never used that had significant words from the lyrics spelled out in a Scrabble game.

It was played on MTV's 120 Minutes exactly once, if I'm not mistaken, not enough to make anyone rich and/or famous. Pretty weird that a band like mine ever got on TV in any form, though, to be honest. After this broadcast happened, I had many people message me along the lines of, "I hate to tell you this but MTV played your video.. those bastards. I can only imagine how upset you must be." Like they snuck into our house where we kept the videos and stole them and played one just the once against our will. Maybe I shook my fist and said "why you" or something. (People still say this sometimes, in fact. Punk rock people are weird. Of course, we made it hoping no one would ever see it. That's been the game plan all along and it has usually worked like a charm.)

I have been asked what the song "means." And why the "lyrics are so good but the chorus is so stupid." If you have to ask...

Posted by Dr. Frank at November 20, 2017 11:55 PM