November 20, 2017

Quick sale

So last night I posted about discovering a stack of Big Black Bugs 10"s I didn't know I had and got a few orders from folks who wanted them. (And thanks!) As long as I'm boxing stuff up to send out, I figured I might as well mention what I've got in case anyone else is interested.

Just message me and tell me what you want and we'll go from there. Planning to do this mailing tomorrow so do it before the day's out if you can. Whatever's left, I'll bring to the shows in Chicago and STL (if I remember to bring it!)


Big Black Bugs 10 (Lookout): $15
Making Things with Light LP (Lookout): $20
Night Shift LP (Lookout): $20
Tapin' Up My Heart/My Stupid Life 7" (Lookout): $8
Andromeda Klein 7" (Jealous Butcher): $8
Dr. Frank w/Bye Bye Blackbirds 7" (Good Land): $8

Assorted CDs too, and while we're at it, I also have all three books

Let me know.

Posted by Dr. Frank at November 20, 2017 03:28 PM