December 18, 2017

Minor Secrets of "I'm Like Yeah, but She's All No" Revealed!

And these are ships that I can't board...

If I am remembering correctly, this was one of two Love Is Dead tracks that we more or less threw together while mixing at Hyde Street, because we'd run out of time during the tracking at Bay Records. (The other was "That Prozac Moment", and I think you can hear the slap-dash-ness in both, though it suits TPM a bit more than ILYBSAN, I'd say.) For what it's worth, that "I'm Like Yeah..." recording is way too fast. We were in a rush, I guess, and I'm sure we saved a few minutes of mixing time thereby.

That opening arpeggio guitar figure owes a bit to "A Quick One..." by way of "Mirror Star," I suppose. The song is solid, and certainly one of the most popular of my songs. One thing I like about it is that it takes that "like" / "all" / "going" conceit, which could easily have descended into lazy ridicule, and uses it in aid of "characterization" instead. I love it when that happens, and it turns out it works in narrative fiction as well.

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Posted by Dr. Frank at December 18, 2017 05:38 PM